Pet shops have been abandoned by owners, leaving more than a hundred reptiles

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There are 8 pet shop for tenancy disputes were the owners of the development, the more than one hundred tenants suspected reptile animal abandonment, including two protected endangered species Sacalia and a large number of snakes, lizards and scorpions. The animal welfare society, AFCD and the amphibious and reptile society have been there, and have a preliminary view of the water, grain and warm retaining lamps in the rearing tanks. There is no immediate danger. Police temporarily classified the case as a dispute, pending further contact between the owner and the owner to discuss the whereabouts of the animal in the shop.
Amphibious and reptile Association project director Ye Jiaheng 8 to the scene in the evening, found that some of the animals are thin, the situation is not ideal, it is estimated that may not eat or food in the past few months, the scene also found the body of snakes and turtles.
The association has temporarily for cleaning and animal feeding, will escape the lizard catch back to the feeding cylinder, the animal body package store refrigerator, try to make the animal in suitable living environment. If the animals are not properly taken care of, it is estimated that the mortality rate will increase.
The scene is Sham Shui Po No. 211 Sai Yeung Choi Street, a pet store, selling all kinds of reptile animal, opened more than a year, and there is no sign outside, but posted only wholesale and retail membership ". Female owners said the site monthly rent for 13800 yuan (HK $, the same below), then to $14300, but was the tenant rent and the court, the 8 day with the bailiff to development.
Reporters saw the scene, the store has a number of breeding tanks, separated by different species, including snakes, scorpions, lizards, crabs and two categories of protected endangered species, eye spot turtles and other pet reptiles.
The bank insiders pointed out that the male shop tenants about 10 years ago. At that time, shook the moment, more than half of the reptiles are unique animal after his entrance and had to sell, animal experts attended the Hongkong "the most dangerous animal", poisonous animal characteristics explain on display.
Lu Weixiong, a lawyer, said that if an animal was taken away and died during the course of transportation or breeding, the owner could recover the claim, depending on his claim, but he believed the odds were not high. In addition, the shop owner of the animals, the owner may be due to not provide proper care and accused of cruelty to livestock.
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