What are those people playing with reptiles as pets?

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Pet climbing culture has been developed in Europe and America for several decades, but it is almost a new concept in china. Compared with cats, dogs, fish and birds, many people still don't understand where the desire of a climbing friend is.
This July, Zhu Tong exceptionally busy, while in Dalian, the mainland held third formal legal climbing pet culture festival, while raising all the chips in August to the United States shooting climbing pet documentary, "national climb journey - overseas articles.". Although sharing the knowledge of reptiles and spreading the pet culture is not the main business of Zhu Tong, it has also become an important part of his life.
Of course, if you haven't climbed yet, or you know the reptiles are still stuck in the 'scary cold-blooded' phase, you won't understand the reptilian enthusiasts like Zhu Tong.
According to climb friends themselves words, climb pet in the domestic, professional market is poor, the cultural atmosphere is weak, but also easy to be the public cast strange eyes, so they had to steal the touch and play.
But are reptiles really ugly, ferocious, and hurtful? This is probably the mainstream aesthetic and cognitive bias in the pet world.
In fact, climbing pets are very playable"
"Climbing pet" means a new fashion for animals with reptiles as pets. Later, amphibians and arthropods also joined the ranks of pets. These animals have hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary history, and compared with mammals, their physiological structure, life habits vary greatly. As a result, reptiles are a very unique type of pet. What's more, those reptiles that are suitable for pet rearing are mostly docile, and they do not attack humans as long as they do not violate them.
But even with this level of understanding, many people still don't understand where the interests of a climbing friend are compared to cats, dogs, fish and birds.
In fact, climbing pets are very playable." Zhu Tong says.
Currently the world's only extant amphibians and reptiles species, common Reptilia Lacertilia more than 4000 species, more than 3000 kinds of serpents, Chelonia more than 220 species, more than 20 species of crocodiles. Toad and frog Amphibia, Anura more than 3500 species of salamander Caudata more than 350 species, more than 160 kinds of eyes. About 1 million 200 thousand species of arthropod animal phyla, Insecta, Crustacea, Arachnida and Myriapoda etc.. "I don't know is raised, is all over, I am afraid it is difficult to go through life."
The richness of the species means that these reptiles are also very individual in appearance. Therefore, the first thing to play with climbing is ornamental. For some species, strains of reptiles, and even high collection value.
Climbing friends for many years may be addicted to reproduction. Was friends affectionately called the bearded dragon climbing "Lion", its domineering and lovely, playing the maned lion often lies in the reproduction of the fun. When a pair of small lions that make a pair of them lays eggs, the bearded baby lion breaks out of the shell and, like that, can sprout the human heart.
And for some special gene crawler breeding players, but also have full access to gene combinations, genetic laws, mutation probability and other theoretical basis and long-term practical experience.
There's also a type of player who loves studying. The so-called "feed is not difficult, not easy to raise", Zhu Tong said, want to keep a good climb, we must first understand the animal living habits and ecological behavior, in addition to the existing inspection data, and sometimes must go to the animal's natural habitat in the field test, the only person to stay long enough to find the secret. The breeding process "is a process of patience, patience, Yangxin cultivation". If eager for quick success and instant benefit, heating blindly and feeding hormone will not only destroy the phase and damage the health, but also greatly shorten the life span and influence the reproduction ability.
In short, the crawler game player according to their own interest expertise can play in the direction vary, can choose to become a professional biologist and pioneer, breeding, animal protection and breeding Master landscape master or super business.
Protect by pets
In spite of these alien pet friends climb eyes, no better than the traditional pet charm can be small, at this stage, their exposure, visibility is very low, ordinary people can not come into contact with these reptiles, much less interested in them. The reason is that the opening of commercial market is low.
"Many people who climb and dote on them think that the biggest factor hindering the development of China's pet market is the restriction of the law. The most complaints about it are that they can not legally buy and sell artificial breeding and protection."." Zhu Tong expresses.
However, with the newly revised "wild animal protection law" on the concept of artificial breeding of wild / animal and the network to deepen the distinction between law and animal knowledge popularity gradually, he is still optimistic.
In Zhu Tong's view, the law's protection of wildlife and the ecological environment is essential and useful. But only to protect the range of amphibians and reptiles, game player raising and trading is not the only effective and comprehensive solution is prohibited in the law enforcement process, how to guide people to distinguish between reptiles and wild animal, and how to obtain the correct, breeding, to protect them from the idea of changing people's cognition, is the fundamental.
The main contradiction of wildlife protection in China is that there are too many illegal exploitation and illegal smuggling of wild animals (and products). He also admitted that the climb pet market also belongs to a small group of people, in the face of great contradictions, legislation is difficult to take into account, climb the good will of the good will be fully understood.

In fact, many grass root law enforcement officials identify species with lower ability to judge what species are really needed to protect, and why they are crawling pets and wildlife traffickers.

Last year, he created the "rlyl natural world" team, build natural biological database, and Ji'nan wild animal world cooperation on amphibians and reptiles professional exhibition hall, this year also set up a China climbing pet culture national tour.
So poker-faced to "work", actually already beyond the "game player" identity. The basic purpose of these practices, he says, is not to promote the market. As more and more people join the ranks of climbing breeders, it is urgent to popularize the correct breeding science and culture.
Pet climbing culture has been developed in Europe and America for several decades, but it is almost a new concept in china. "National climbing journey" popular science documentary is the next important work of the team, they hope that through the European and American players, businesses inspection and exchange, to bring their stories and ideas back home.
According to Zhu Tong, in the areas where the reptile culture is flourishing, people have an absolute love for nature and have a lot of research spirit. People are willing to take time to read and make detailed records. Reading abroad is very popular, customers go to the pet shop attracted by some kind of reptile, decided to raise, the first thing to do is to buy relevant books, go home and study carefully. After reading the book, you buy equipment and reptiles to go home, and know how to give pets a reasonable feeding environment. And they are mainly dependent on their own pure appreciation of the main. The atmosphere of the country is very different from that of other countries. They are often on the spur of the moment and blindly follow the trend.
However, in the course of several tours, the children's enthusiasm and interest made him feel more pleased. In fact, the "climbing friends circle" epidemic has a point: "climb, pet, from the baby.". Children can grow up with the animals, not by traditional ideas, escape, fear, or even hurt animals.

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